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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
noone who knows me will be surprised to find out that I have a funny story about that.

My wife and I have been in 'dual' bird dogs for 20 years together. She was raised by a mom who was a top breeder of show dobermans and I was raised that there were 2 kinds of dogs. Bird dogs and the neighbor's dogs, cuz if it ain't a bird dawg it ain't livin' here.
We've been in pointers for the last 10 years and know most everyone. A certain good friend of ours from canada is one of those canadian ladies who does not suffer fools gladly and furthermore does not care who knows it.
After 30 years in shows, she knew every old scandal and where every skeleton was buried. She also has really beautiful pointers, at least Christopher Guest thought so,because he bought a pointer from her.
Her stories were the germ of best in show and the sheer piercing accuracy of the portrayals while skirting libel and slander were amazing.
I could've introduced you to most of the real people that were portrayed in the film at westminster and you'd know each one on sight.
If you watch the mayflower show at the end, you can see our canadian friend showing her pointer.

I find it hilarious but I'm not sure I can name each and every kind of nut and sometimes this worries me....

Now that's just epic. I've probably watched that movie 20 times. My previous neighbor was totally the Parker Posey crazy weimarainer lady. WHERE'S THE BUSY BEE?!?!?
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