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Can't get the undercocking kit to work right.

Hey Rainman and friends, got the undercocking kit a couple of weeks ago and i cannot get it to pump without literally using two hands.

Here is the run down of what i have done till now:
  • Used both dow33 and gun oil as the lubricant for all parts, internal and the kit.
  • Used long, short and multiple springs on the kit.
  • Polished the internals
  • shimmed the pump rod as per another post on these forums

I've tried every combination of these items and nothing makes the pump stroke better. I would gauge it as around 10 times more force required to pump than stock and that is WITHOUT the hitman mod. Trying to use the hitman is futile, impossible to pump at all.

In fact that gave me an idea, take the kit, no springs, lube it if you like, put on the hitman. Hold it in your hand like it would be on the marker. Put your thumb on the back of the piece that screw passes through and use your index finger to try to pump with the hitman.

I've attached a youtube video of what i mean:

Impossible to do, no matter where the pump stroke is. I thought it was the gun, but the handle wedges on the guide rods. The same exact thing is happening when mounted on the marker. Any pressure that causes the front end of the handle to dip downward wedges the handle, upward pressure has no effect, maybe even makes it easier to pump. Nothing i have done till now has helped. Any suggestions, from anyone?

Otherwise this kit is awesome, has exactly the look i want and exactly the feel i want, but it is impossible to pump!

Thanks a ton!
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