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Tales from the workbench, the rare factory paintblender mod...

Ok, here's a little idea for all use garage tinkerers, tailgate airsmiths, paid airsmiths, field and shop helpers, and what not. You're fixing a gun, find something odd, and share it with the title "Tales from the workbench, (insert catchy title)".

So I'm fixing a couple VL Orion's for a co-worker. He picked them up cheap off craigslist and wanted me to give them a once over before hitting the field with them. No problem.

So a quick tear down showed both were missing the spring guides for some reason, but were in surprisingly good condition. Once the missing spring guide was replaced (with a short length of appropriately sized screw since I didn't have any spares laying around) the first one worked perfectly.

Second one, not so much. I get it to cycle and something was odd. It was free cycling, like the sear was locked. And only when the trigger was held. So first thought, did the previous owner do the age old paintblender mod trying for full auto? Nothing indicated that any other modifications were attempted. I pull off the frame, no wear on the sear, nothing jammed along side the sear pin, nothing glued to the back of the trigger. It just seems like either the front of the sear is a millimeter or two too long, or the sear catch on the back of the trigger sticks out a millimeter or two too much, and it's been that way since it left the factory. No wonder this gun looked brand new inside, but the screws holding it together were nearly half stripped. It saw zero game time and had who knows how many people attempt to fix it.

He needs the guns for this weekend so I swap frames with my pump converted VL (where a locked sear won't matter). So happy ending, just... odd.
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