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Hang tight, I'll dig out my calipers. Bear in mind that i can't till you what the durometer is, as I have no way to tell. Diameters will be as close as i can figure as they're a little worn.


Barrel Oring
X-section: .097"
OD: 1.0335"
ID: .8315"
Groove seat: .902"
Body ID: .9305"

Hammer Oring
Thickness (laying down top view): .995"
Height (laying down top view): .072"
OD: .730"
ID: .525"
Groove seat: .579"
Body ID: ~.745-.756"

Valve Oring

Since the one Oring broke while I was removing it, I can only give you the diameters from the body & groove in the valve

X-section: .0675"
Groove seat: .6345"
Body ID: ~.745-.756" (too deep to actually measure, estimated from valve OD)

Bolt Oring

I have an aftermarket TASO bolt, but I'll give the known measurements.

(Stock Oring from palmers)
X-section: .1015"
OD: .633"
ID: .686"
Grove seat:?
Body ID: .686"

Aftermarket TASO Bolt Oring

X-section: .102"
OD: .6455"
ID: .440"
Groove seat: .4955
Body ID: .686"

All measurements are +/- .015 since i have crappy digital calipers, and the Orings flex a bit/are a little out of round.

I hope this helps.

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