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How is Earon doing?
he is doing ok, his surgery is coming up soon, after that his doctor banned him from machinery for 2 months.

Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
Ok I'll bite pk....

For new owners I think a good starting point is a price for a base model. And then prices for options/accessories.

Custom build prices? For example: the peregrine. What's the base cost? I know it took a little more because you and Earon had some RnD going on for a proper changer.
Base price are on the website so those haven't change. I am not sure if I can actually list the price here or not, but I can always get you a quote or an estimate if you are interested in a specific build.

If i have a Buzzard with a 1.5 frame, could I get it converted to one of the new sliders?
Yes, this shouldn't be a problem at all. New frame are around the $160 range depending on option.
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