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Originally Posted by LT.Dan View Post
Throw it in a box, go down to the post office and ship it. Put paint marker or toys for a desciption and dont put a value over 60 so they dont get hit with duties. Its a bit more to ship but i dont know why people dont like to
I DO NOT recommend this bit.

If you do, you are a) committing mail fraud if it is untrue and b) you are screwed if the item is either lost or damaged in transit...

Be truthful.

Mark it as USED if it is, and mark it MADE IN USA if it is...this will also help reduce the duties at the border.

From the hundreds of things coming to me from the US, 9/10 out of ten I don't get hit with duties with items coming from individuals... if the item is coming from a company then it has been about 50/50...
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