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then that's before the baby even, and now carol and beth would have to stay for the baby. hershel obviously can't. rick's gone nuts. daryl's off the group. they don't trust axel, michonne, nor tyrese's entire group. maggie and glen are their usual explorers and they need a bit of time to recover. that leaves just carl, but will rick be willing? i think given enough time to accept the newcomers they would have plenty enough crew to explore, but they don't know woodbury's next move.

on the other hand, if woodbury attacks, it'll be the newcomers' problem too and they would most likely help defend, that would free carl up from having to defend and allow him to explore.

by the way. michonne has shown a way to render zombies harmless... would you **** a zombie? i mean your other choice would be carol unless you're a big enough ******* to attract andrea, and you wouldn't need to find condoms like glen has to
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