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E-Blade Questions

Snagged this Pro Stock from the BST the other day and immediately began throwing the E-Blade on it, I did check it for leaks before taking it apart though and it seemed solid. I'm also pleased with the way it looks. I thought the E-Blade anno would look crummy on the splash but I think it's purty. I did add the Planet Eclipse sticker, sue me.

I managed to get the E-Blade stuff all installed OK with the exception of snaking the solenoid wire through the frame (I'll do this when I'm ready to rock). My new grips should be here Monday.

My new eye came in the mail today and I'm starting to button up the project but I have a bunch of questions:

1. What size is the screw that holds the eye cover in?

2. The gun came with an AKA bolt, which surprised me. I'm not sure which it is but I'm having an issue where it doesn't slide out too easy. How do I check if it's swollen? The o-rings are just regular tank o-rings, right?

3. I adjusted the HPR output into the gun to about 280ish, is this correct?

I'll probably have a dozen questions, thanks in advance.

wts bko for cheap

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