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Originally Posted by Menace View Post

Some good stuff here. In retrospect, on the oil deposit issue, reason suggests this shouldn't matter. One way or another a base surface should be as nice as possible, within limits.

And Alpha, got it on the surface area issue of friction and finish. Rather like the racing slick phenomenon for motorsport newbs. They see what appears to be a smooth, 'bald' tire and wonder how it is supposed to stick to the road without all the tread.

So point definitely taken on that. But in an interesting way, we might run into the Wet Banana/Slip-n-Slide effect here, especially with the mild oil residue on paint. A racing slick in rain is bad news for grip. In the same way, try sliding on a Slip-N-Slide with no water. Ouchy.

But put even a fine coating of water or other lubricant on and away you go. If we can't prevent some oil from the surface of paint, then maybe we can make it work to our advantage.
The racing slick dilemma is interesting. Really, the only way to find out what works best is testing.
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