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Originally Posted by Volk View Post
So I jumped on the field yesterday at skirmish for the first time in 2 years. Froze my *** off, had a good time, but a hard time with my Sanchez SM1. I was hoping you guys would help me out.

1. Balls rolling out of barrel - after reading a few threads I learned that the only thing the detent is good for is stopping double feeds. The only suggested solution was to get a barrel with a smaller bore. I used a .691 stiffi and had maybe a third of my balls roll out. Please suggest some alternatives, I'm thinking about the nail polish detent.

Definitely invest in a tighter barrel, or a barrel kit. Deadlywind Fiburs are really popular, and they use freak inserts. A .691 barrel is never going to work on a pump these days. Lurker Paintball also offers a 14" barrel in .678 and .684 bores for I believe $40. I have one, they're a great barrel for the money. They only come in black though as far as I know. I think CP also makes some 1 piece barrels in tighter bores for about $40 too. It's really one of the best things you can do for the gun.

The nail polish trick will work for a time, but you're gun definitely won't be at it's best with a .691 barrel on there. Best bet is picking up something that can use freak inserts, and grabbing some smaller bores. .675 through .685 is what I have in my kit, and I have yet to run into paint that I couldn't size right with those inserts. Having a good bore match with your paint will also really help out on your air efficiency too.

2. What's the most efficient way to run a 3.5OZ CO2 tank off the body?

Best bet is to run it off the standard ASA off the frame. Screwing it right into the vertical ASA is likely to cause issues. You're much better off using a reg. They CAN be tuned to run straight CO2 or 12g's but you need an older type of valve and some tuning knowhow. That said, PPS Stabilizers are nice regs for CO2, and you can probably get some good mileage out of a 3.5oz tank with it tuned right. My old T2 got something like 40 shots off a 12g at field velocity. There's definitely some potential. Don't rule out a 13/3K tank either. Not as many shots as CO2 but it's easier on the gun and easier to get filled. Plus, you can use beer coozies as a tank cover

I know these may seem like amateur questions. I'm not as technically versed and experienced as you guys but the help is greatly appreciated.
Answers are in red my good sir. Nothing wrong with asking, everyone has to start somewhere!
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