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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
In fact noone in THIS thread has tried an Extra Fine Levigated Alumina hone, with the exception of PistolRogue, who agrees that it makes a difference.
I don't think there is a question here about whether bore finish matters, but more about how we can quantify the effects and how they come about (friction, vibration, rotation, etc.)

One of your hypotheses was that the ball vibrated less side to side on a smoother barrel. I submit that it is just as possible that the ball vibrates less forward and backward as it chatters (or not) down a clean barrel. If you have ever pushed a tight cleaning rod though a rough rifle barrel, you know what I mean.

One thing that might be easier to investigate (besides barrels), is simply measure the friction of paintball gelatin on various surfaces and finishes. With a setup to measure friction of a spring loaded paintball pressed on a flat surface, you could easily change the substrate with various metals and coatings. While the overall friction factor would be interesting, it would be nice to have something to pick up the vibration as well if you could actually catch the ball chattering on the surface.
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