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Manning, as far as springs go, I run my redux with a red main spring, red valve spring, and a fluted hammer. It seems counter intuitive, but it gets me a consistent 30+ shots around 270fp with my extended or woosh barrel. I never tried it with the VKC, but it seemed to me like it was matching that straight from the factory. My personal rule with SC guns is 3 to 1. I try to tune them to get at least 3 tubes off one 12g at or above 270fps. How this works with my Redux I do not know. But I haven't touched it since!
Good to know. I am curious as to what difference using the same color springs for main and valve is vs. using the stock springs. Should fool around with it this weekend.

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Mine has that same tape on the inside of the slide. I got mine straight from Mongo. I will have to ask him what its there for but i assume its to keep the wear down.
Cool. Interested to hear what you find out.

I had the day off for Presidents' Day and after reading through several tuning threads I stumbled upon CJ's valve insert thread. A quick trip to Ace Hardware later and I was busy crafting myself an insert. Ace here sells a foot of brass tubing for 3.99 so since I figured I'd mess things up a few times I bought a foot of it.

Mine matches CJ's ID but has a slightly larger OD. I was worried about it fitting in the valve body but it slides in fine with room to spare. I cut the first piece to the length that CJ used but it was much too long. I'm guessing due to the differences in the VKC Duck valve vs. the original redux valve. After measuring some more, the ideal length appeared to by right at 1 inch.

I had taken the pierce pin assembly out to be able to position the insert as it protrudes into the valve body some. CJ was brave enough to grind his down but I didn't want to take that chance, and my insert could slide in with a little assistance. If I want to get it out, I'll need to remove the assembly as its holding it there pretty good now. Before I inserted it I did add two 3/32 holes on about each side of the insert. I forgot to take a pic before insertion but here are a couple of the valve body with the insert in it.

I put her all back together and went out to shoot and make sure it didn't leak, and it didn't. I was worried that the insert would prevent the valve from sealing properly but thankfully there were no issues.

It was raining out so I only shot one 12g worth. I still have the red main and stock valve springs in the gun. The TPC is in at 1.5 full turns (realized that I was calling half turns as full turns earlier, so I'll edit my previous post). First shot was 291 with the following 9 at 287-283. Nice! I was waiting 15 seconds per shot and it was 50 degrees out. Next 10 shot at 281-272. Next 10 were 276-268 (initial goal achieved!) and the next 5 were 271, 264, 294 (WTF!), 248. The last two were 194, and 160, then it petered out. When I took the 12g out there was nothing left in there to hiss out.

The 294 shot was after waiting about 25 seconds. My wife had come out to ask what I was doing standing under the overhang of the roof shooting my gun in the rain. It took a bit to convince her that this was normal behavior before I was able to get that shot off.

I'm throughly impressed right now. I can't wait to fool around with the springs and see how much performance I can get out of this thing. Props to CJ and others for the breadcrumbs...
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...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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