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Phoenix - we understand bud: real life > hobby. Keep paying those bills and one of these days you'll get a good schedule and come out to play with us.

Hulk - talking to you and KO, I think we should give 280 a try next time, but only if the weather is nice. I know I'm starting to get old - I used to be willing to play anywhere no matter what the temperature or precipitation was, but nowadays, I'm definitely a fair weather player. What, it's raining outside and barely in the 30's? I'll stay in here keeping the heater and this bottle of rum company, tell me how the game went!

In other news, sent an email to head ref Dave regarding the incident in our last game of the weekend, and he replied that they would be removing that chunk of wall on that tapeline to hopefully alleviate further complications in that area of the expanded main field.

jelly - That was one of the great things about this weekend, for me at least. Since I haven't played at Jaegers in roughly 9 months, all of the upgrades they've done to their facilities was great to see. And they're updating the outdoor fields with a new fort? I'm actually looking forward to trying their outdoor fields again, for the first time in a long time. ps: like the new avatar? not a translation of my userID, but it is the inspiration for it.
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