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After a few weeks of thought J4 Paintball has decided to delay the launch, but not the release of the J4 ‘Torque’ marker until we are satisfied with the end product. Currently, on review of the assembly we had a few questions on the connection strategy of the components and on layout for long term use. This comes from reviewing our current per-production version and finding a few items we are not content with.

We will still be at Paintball Extravaganza (PBE) with the marker, and have it ready for show. We will still let people see it and shoot it. We are going to show basic teardown and shooting videos along with allowing some testing of the current running platform, in addition to now being able to show off the internals and operation in full. The only parts changing are going to be in the body connections and some layout components, in addition to external look and ease in teardown. The internals, shooting action and components will remain as shown at PBE.

While this is not the outcome preferred, we want to make sure the product is something we are proud of before we produce it. We are doing this to set the standards of our products in the future. We want to make a good first impression.

In final: J4 Paintball will be releasing the ‘Torque’ in less than a week at PBE. We will not be launching it until we have the product we want to launch with, which should be very soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding, see you at PBE!

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