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My Take on Meeting Women

Okay, so some of you may know that I'm something of an artist. So, recently, I decided to use that as a way to meet women. I've noticed that when I draw in somewhat public places, people generally take notice, but generally don't say anything. Since I am pretty confident in myself, I made the decision to go on the offensive with it.

I'll draw something like this:

Then, I take the drawing (always around a 5" by 7" so I can keep it in a jacket pocket) with me wherever I go. That way, when I see an attractive woman, I'll approach her, pull out the drawing, and ask if she likes airplanes.

If she blatantly hates airplanes, I'll tell her to forget it. Mostly, I get a neutral answer outside of an airport environment. Then, I tell her that I drew this, gesturing to the picture, and that I would like her to have it.

At this point, I get varying degrees of astonishment/excitement. Generally, they're like, "You drew this?! You drew this!?" After assuring them that I did draw it, I tell them something to the effect of: "Anyways, I think that you are very beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful day." After that, I walk away, conversation over. If my phone number is worked into the plane's numbers, I will write a note on the back that says: call me, you'll figure it out.

This serves the dual purpose of gauging intelligence and availability. If they can't figure it out (the number is usually pretty obvious), then I do not want them to call me. And if they are not available, I don't want them to call me either. It works well. Sometimes I leave a less-subtle full phone number on the back, no note. Sometimes, no phone number at all.

So far, I have done this four times. Each time has been at least an hour away from my hometown. I've ran absolutely no risk, since the chance of me seeing these ladies again has been next to none. And after those times, I don't have anything to show for it either. But it's actually been lots of fun, and it's been great practice for talking to random women.

So yeah. I'm without a significant other, but as long as that lasts, I will have lots of fun with my un-attachment.
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