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SKS Firing Pin Kit

1 Murray's Guns SKS firing pin kit, brand new in package. Replacement firing pin and spring designed to prevent slamfires caused by protruding firing pins due to corrosion or deformation of the pin, or build-up of residue or other debris in the firing pin channel. "Drop-in" (instructions included and instr/vid all over the web - punch out the retaining pin, remove extractor optional, remove stock pin, clean channel, insert replacement, replace extractor, replace retaining pin) modification for all SKS models (except pre-1951 Soviet). Depending on your particular rifle and ammo, you may need to tune the FP spring or the hammer spring to ensure reliable ignition (combination of hard primers on some surplus/cheapo Russian ammo with very worn hammer spring may not result in FP not having enough speed after overcoming return spring to ignite primers). Installation does not impact C&R status or 922(r) compliance.

$35USD shipped firm, USA only. If you're not USA and are interested, $30USD firm + actual shipping. For Sale Only. Reply post timestamps take precedence over PM timestamps.

(Stock pic from mfg website)
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