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Ripper mode. Cool. Yup I picked this up. I gotta complain that it's rather frustrating there's no dedicated block maneuver. And that there are some attacks you absolutely cannot parry.

Enemies can drive you into a corner and just beat the smack outta you for extended periods and there's really nothing you can do.

Other than that it's like you said, a complete departure from how the series handles. It's good but not the best, the stealth aspect was almost added as an afterthought. Or at least it feels that way. I would've been happy if it stayed "in your face hack n slash" without the stealth.

Occasionally the camera is frustrating as I can't keep all or most enemies in frame.

All of my gripes aside there are so many moments that had me yelling joyfully in my gamerzone taking down baddies. Mgs has some pretty large set pieces and its always cool taking them down with advanced weaponry. But doing it with Raiden's blade alone? Hoooleeeee shiiiiiyyyyeeettt it's fun!

I wasn't a fan of the whiny-ness that quinton Flynn portrayed, but man he brings some drama to the voice acting now.
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