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My girl Adele at the Westminster show:

Like paintball, breeding and showing dogs is it's own little world.

Paintball's never really been an expensive thing for me.

That's changing though. I'm determined that I am going custom. Everything will stay in the same place so it won't affect this thread. Though what it is and everything that holds it there will be completely different.
I've earned it.

PLUS!!!! Great news is that in my recent travels on day shift, working overtime the last 2 weeks, I ran into a Diemaker I hadn't seen in years working down in the bay! I now have access to smart machinist types!!!!!!

The FIRST order of business was zeus magazines. The zeus mags I had were modded at work by a die maker friend, Toby. When he transferred to another plant, he gave me the bits he had made. Big huge whomping expensive bits, one of them tapered. They fit in no drill press I have access to and I had no friend to do them for me or turn a blind eye while I did.
I've had a magazine here that I promised I'd do over a year ago and it has bugged me every day.
So, remembering the adage 'give a man a fish-feed him for a day, teach a man to fish-feed him for a lifetime', I had my friend supply me with a tackle box and pole.
In other words, he is turning those big drill bits down to a 1/2" shank. Since they're mine, and I'll never drill anything except 1/8" thick zeusmags with them, strength is not an issue.
So now I will be able to do a mag for the occasional person who asks me.

Additionally, there will be pistols.

There's 2 possible main pistol designs, with an alternate brace of fun pistols. The pair of fun pistols will be made by StorminNorman if all goes well. It'll be a few months before he can start, but I like an airsmith who knows pistols and 12grams and his work looked awesome, IMO.

A basis for a possible third potential pistol design is on it's way to me too!

That's the bad thing about ADD as I experience it. Some things I just can't do. Drawing things and measuring stuff? Access denied.
I can show a knowledgeable person what I mean in seconds as long as it's in person, but it's mental block time on paper.
I could keep a 4 man machine shop running full time for 6 months if I never had another invention, but all I ever got from anyone was 'send me a drawing'. To which I'd say 'look i can't draw!'.
Now that I can face to face things, I'm happier than a mule eating biscuits!!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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