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Originally Posted by PlawB View Post

This is super rough, but I would easily say at least two hundred. That's the floor, I don't kno what the ceiling is.
define super rough ?

Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
The ceiling is 350 or so.

That's an interesting example. Is that a factory anodizing scheme?
Yes, its a Factory anno. It looks similar to the anno's done on the MicroMags, minus the black dots/sponge.

"Tropical Jungle". Blue to green to yellow fade with black sponge overlay.

Originally Posted by Washington reign View Post
Is the picture imposed or is it a true wrong hand feed?
Define Imposed, and thats actually a powerfeed, it is attached with 2 screws on the back like the VMX and the Micro Mags were.

Considering there arent too many Microcockers out there and I have never seen one in this anno pattern, I would say the prices you gents are quoting is rather cheap. The owner will sell it, but not for less then 700.00 firm. The rarity alone is what he is going on.

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