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I would love to see a well done western theme that was about more than just the paintball action:
mask off/safe area saloons w/eats, card games, full service bars, show girls, etc.
1. each person could be given a survey to ask them about their predilections/preferences and special skills/talents
2. based on that survey, each person would be given an instruction card with individualized mission/goals and team/affiliation and possibly items. Some goals would be less clear cut than "hang the flag." Many missions/goals would take some communication/investigation to feel out other people and thurr intentions. Aliances/on field development/player decision making would influence how things would play out in game.
3. things could be more realistic. There may be "teams": such as ranchers/cow pokes, sheriff/deputies, indigenous north american tribes people, and outlaws. But there may also be unaffiliated/loosely affiliated towns people/farmers/hands. Communication, socialization, team work and net working would also be more important skills during the safe-zone portions of the game. Creating bonds with unaffiliated people, or learning about other peoples goals and using them to your advantage could greatly swing the balance of the game-play.

ok what we really need are horses. wait, that would suck if a horse got shot by a paintball gun.

*to answer the op: more modern styles of warfare (post WWI) are more applicable to paintball, the engagements are fresher in peoples minds, the style is used in popular video games, there is more pop appeal and replicas/props are more easily found or made.
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