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Yeah I'd just like to elaborate that by disingenuous I meant not so much fake but as cherry-picked reality, much like any sensationalized "reality" show. There's some truth but the boring/unimportant bits removed to "sell" something as cooler than real reality. I rewatched this video, there's a few lens/body hits, nothing that looks especially staged. I've seen some faked action in person *cough*HK*cough*. Let's face it a lot of paintball is boring to watch. I personally find that watching the quirks and things that go wrong tend to be more interesting, but perhaps I'm in the minority.

Overall there's space for everyone on youtube, so people that love dual pistol vids now have two dudes to watch. There's also no longer a time or storage limit to the videos, so anyone can put up highlight clips AND some raw video. Worst that happens is a lower view count on the extra footage.
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