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Originally Posted by longhornjake View Post
I'd be down for a set - though I really like the $75 better than the $100.

I'll post a pic/link of my ghettoed TruGlo, sights complete with the intentional overspray of gorilla glue on the front sight - too loose without it. You should be able to scroll through to the other views. My biggest worry is getting it in and out of the Kydex holster when I use it.

Please PM me if the link is not working. Thx!
Your link is working longhorn, nice work on the ghetto sights by the way.

I'd certainly like to get the price down to around $75 a set but alot of it will depend on anodizing cost and other factors. I may do alittle redesigning of the sights to remove a few of the machining operations and to provide some more options for people as well. I gonna try and make it out into the shop tomorrow morning to create another prototype so expect some more photos tomorrow afternoon. They'll actually look similar to your truglo ones except they'll sit flush with the raised parts of the T8.1. I may try running a finer serration across the back of the sights as well, the current ones are 40 LPI (lines per inch), I'm considering trying out 80 LPI to see what it'll look like. Either way, I'll be happy to provide any style sight someone ask for as long as it can be feasibly machined on a manual mill.

Thanks for the comments everyone.
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