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Ok guys i have a problem. Ive brought trowels l96, of course it has to be used with a feed line which im not to keen so so i have been wrapping my brain to try and find a solution to this and i think i have found it.But it requires summet i have seen yet, on the tracer when you put the air directly on the back of the marker, it comes out at a slight angle, now i need the air to come out completely straight, has anyone seen this done? Could it be done? Has anyone got an idea to how this could be possible?Ive mocked up (with a hammer 7 but concept is the same) how and where the air bottle would sit on my l96, making it completely contained.Ive heard all the "stocks dont work, bottle out the back of the gun dont work blah blah blah" im not interested lol this is how i need this marker to be. This is my novelty marker i used when i ant abit of fun.Let me know thoughts, ideas, and potencial problems guys.Thanks


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