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These are brand new Benchmark double finger slider frames with built in adjustable beavertail that fits autocockers. This is a complete frame with sear, trigger plate, springs, and screws.

I bought out all the remaining stock of PTP's double finger sliders. They have no more, and won't produce any more... so this is your last chance to get one! They are new old stock and have spent their life in the thick plastic bags, still some may have minor shelf wear. As a side note, these actually work great as single finger trigger frames too. If you are looking for double trigger shoes, they are available here: double trigger shoe | eBay

Colors: Chrome, Gloss Purple, Gloss Red, Dust Black (*Note* my green shirt is in the reflection of some of the pictures)
Price $36 Shipped each


Optional add-ons
Grip frame mounting screws: $1
Benchmark grip panels: $3
Benchmark wrap arounds: $5


These are custom made Delrin .45 grip panels. These 45 grips are CNC machined by a local Illinois machinist from ” thick delrin plates. This is real Delrin, not a cheapo knockoff. They are both tough and lightweight. My grips are thicker than the CCM panels are, and conform to your hands better. If you are unsure if they will fit your gun’s trigger frame, post a good picture here and we will tell you. They will fit most Autococker, Automag, and Spyder frames + more. If you are using unusually large trigger frame screws, such as 10/32, you will need to drill the holes wider just a bit. Being custom made, they have character. I used them for a full day of play recently and the smooth tops develop kind of a marbled look. They look awesome!

Price: $15 shipped per set of grips.


Introductory price: $12 shipped (Only $10 shipped for each additional kit!)

Introducing the all new Super Light Pump Stroke (SLPS) spring kits. These lightened springs will reduce the amount of force needed to re-cock your pump or Autococker. A lighter pump stroke means more accurate follow up shots and auto-triggering. These springs are significantly softer than any of the springs found in the other spring kits.
How do they work? The key to the system is the lightened valve spring. A lighter valve spring means less force necessary to push the valve open and release the same amount of air. Since less force is needed, you can also use a lighter hammer spring which results in less force needed to re-cock.
You no longer need to purchase an expensive set of new internals to lighten your pump stroke. During my testing the biggest gains resulted on markers using stock WGP internals! Markers using stock internals had 20% to 25% reductions in the force needed to re-cock. You may even see gains in markers using high end internals. For instance, my sniper with an AKA valve and the very light yellow hammer spring had an 11.5% reduction in pump stroke using the SLPS spring kit.
These tests were performed by measuring the FPS and force needed to re-cock on various snipers. Then the springs were replaced with SLPS springs and adjusted to shoot the same FPS without any changes to the air pressure. Once the same FPS was achieved I measured the force needed to re-cock.

What is included: a brand new SLPS spring kit with replacement valve and hammer springs.
You need an Autococker valve tool to install the kit. You can purchase one here for $12 if you don't already have one: WGP Auto Cocker Valve Tool [WGPvlvtool] - $12.00 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store
Installation: Install the SLPS valve and hammer spring. If you are unable to achieve the desired FPS using this spring, re-install the stock hammer spring and leave your IVG most of the way backed out. Lowering your input pressure will often improve efficiency and help you achieve the proper FPS.
Note: the proper term for cocker pumps is snipers. Snipers are not to be confused with the new Empire sniper which uses a Spyder style valve. These springs will NOT work on Empire Snipers or Trilogy series Autocockers.

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