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What I meant by the Rip Clip not picking up the shots is when it is firing. So I was wanting to direct wire it so that when the trigger is pulled, the Rip Clip rotates to feed the guns.

My set up is non-traditional, I have 2 SP1s mounted sideways and fed by the Rip Clips. It is a dual gun set up for my tank. I think because the Rip Clips are inside the turret and the barrels stick out is why they are not detecting the report.

I didn't try the pot method, I would have to go and buy a pot for testing. Thank you for the suggestion.

I did buy the Virtue boards and the RF chips, but I would still like to know how this could work. I am planning a second gun station built similar to this one, so if I can figure this out, I can save some cash on 2 more Virtue boards.

I will get a pot and see if I can get anything to work.

I have tried it connected to the 5v center trigger connection and from each of the outer trigger switch connections. Connecting the 5v to one of the other connections is what sorta works.

Then to just the outer trigger connections, which didn't work.

I hasve tried other various combinations to try and get it to work. I am glad that so far I haven't fried either board, lol.

Why can't the SP1 be connected the same as the TM7? It would be easy that way.
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