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Originally Posted by Seksirojo View Post
if my magazine spring was to hard that is still a design flaw.... and no im not double feeding (we have already been through this)
Ok look man I'm trying to help you out, try wearing your spring in a bit, check the top of your magazine where the FS's are loaded and make sure it's clean and free of any little pieces of plastic or anything that might obstruct the FS's exiting clean. Try shooting some bigger paint,not all paint is the same size and we needed a good size barrel that would shoot most paint as well as FS's. SO if you have too big a detent you have problems, too small a detent you have problems, so we made one in the middle that could shoot most paints and yet we still have problems. If you still have problems I can meet you at SC Village on the weekend and pick up your gun to bring to work,lmk.
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