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Barrels, BN headband, miscellaneous... NOW PARTING

32* Spyder threaded barrel- $10
JJ Ceramic Automag barrel- SOLD
Progressive Impulse threaded barrel- $10
(not pictured) Stock 2k Autococker barrel $10
Pod of about 95 reballs- $15

I'll sell all barrels together for $30, add $5 for reballs (pod included)

Brand new, never worn Kohn headband- $20
Generic gloves- $5 or free with headband
Neck protector- $5 or free with headband

Remote line- $15
Site rail, bad shape 2k Autococker bolt, Autococker beavertail- $5 for all
Profiler visor- free with something else
Revvy shells and untested motor and eyes, no board- SOLD
($20 FOR ALL)

Barrel condoms/blockers/socks/whatever- SOLD
Palm swell grips- SOLD
Unknown grips- $10
Planet Eclipse oil- GONE
A glove
(not pictured) Red Hybrid push button on/off ASA- $20
(OR $30 FOR ALL)

Just ask for more pictures. Thanks.
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"I wish they would stop patching my glory hole!"
"Check this out, each and every one of you. Compilation tape, of my own making. I call this the "Greatest Zooks Album". Featuring artists like, well I got some Hendrix on there, some Joplin, Mama Cass, Belushi... all great artists that asphyxiated on their own vomit!"


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