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I had problems with my very 1st boxmag using the Halo stock sound activated board so i switched to RF
Ive used Rf sucessfully in 2 boxmags now,I use Virtue OLED(Ion) boards with old Draxxus Pulse hoppers&Rf chips,the OLED board has a pigtail between the solenoid and borad,the Pulse gunside chips also have a matching pigtail.
I also used the Virtue Halo board successfully with the matching RF chip from Virtue
Are the Halo and Ripclip board similar?The main Pulse board is identical in dimensions &interchangeable with exception of a daughter board&manual reverse switch,also has the RF chip installed,maybe you find a few cheap,Ive gotten Pulses for $15
I also have a Halo Virtue board I mentioned above for sale,Id be willing to donate it to the cause for testing if you pay postage ,youre build is awesome and I love boxmags& tanks!please tell me youll be at Lockdowns scenario at Travis AFB in May with this!
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