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The Magna board is too big to fit into the Rip Clip. It has the same basic function though. I believe the Pulse also has a similar board/operation.

Thanks for the link Biscuit, that RF board kit is what I think I need and that is the cheapest I have seen them. Of course I need to buy 2 more Virtue boards to get the RF capability too.

The part that is frustrating is that on the bench it worked great. Throw it into the turret and it craps out. On the bench I was using the stock barrels, and I think they are louder than the CP barrels.

Sounds like RF is the way to go. Time to break the bank and buy more boards. Does it feed on full auto?

I didn't know that Travis AFB was open again. Is the field still in old base housing? A group of us went down to a couple TAW games there a few years ago. That place was fun.
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