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The solenoids where going out of "production" in late 2004.

And be came a special order, they would make them if you bought 1000 units.

As for spare part you have got that right, they are going away, and fast, you probally can't find viking rams any more, they have all been eatin up put the Evilm's.

eventualy even destructive will realize that parts are gone, and we will see vikings and excal used for parts guns to keep things running.

You may find that some one comes out with a limited run of cartridges for these guns, or people start to get custom parts made.

I am pretty sure that Arron was workiing on a new solenoid convertion before he left. But we will never see that, it left with his head.

as for there regs, and such, eventualy those parts will dry up as well, butwho knows AKA maybe running silent right now because they have a new gun coming out.

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