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Originally Posted by boo View Post
I love the fact that Kee finally brought back the cocker, but if the sniper costs $400 what's the cost going to be on this? The reference in the video to this being the Harley Davidson of paintball markers is the perfect comparison. Take an ancient design, manufacture it in China, and charge a huge price because cocker people pay stupid prices (myself included) for anything to do with these markers.

With all the IP Kee's owns, like the MQ valve and the smart parts electronics the best they can do is a redesign of a mech? Without patent restrictions they could easily put out an e cocker that could keep up with most of the modern high end markers with the bonus of quickly being able to convert back to a pump.
Because what would be the point of an e-cocker when they have at least 6 other e-markers that have fewer working parts and that are most likely cheaper to make? Frankly, it's amazing enough they're building this. If it sells as many units as the Sniper, I'd be amazed. Return on an e-version would be negligible given the crop of competition.

The Resurrection makes some kind of sense becuase who's making high-end mech's in any sort of quantity right now? No one. Even AGD is pretty much down to selling whatever parts they have left and the rest of the mech market is entry level. But there's so much competition in the e-world even a nostalgia movement for an e-cocker wouldn't produce much in the way of sales.
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