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the oddest milestone experience I had was getting shipped cross country to support the final weeks of Falcon 4.0 . . . the spectrum holobyte studio had a HUGE team working on that flight sim, and they were screaming for anything and everything to be sent their way or else they wouldn't make the date for the gold master (as it was, what was eventually kicked out the door was so buggy it wasn't even a beta), so extra expense was made to send me out to give them additional IT weenie tech support. but that studio was horrid at just burning cash up - they even bought a damn superbowl commercial spot for F4.0 . . . which in restrospect was idiotic

and I basically sat around while there. such a different studio culture to that place compared to where I worked. We had just kicked 2 products out the door from MicroProse, Hunt Valley - European Air War and Klingon Honor Guard, released within a week of each other - with less total staff than what SH had working on just their one product. Milestones at Hunt Valley were no joke - and being IT meant I was basically following both teams schedules. Those were the days of scrounging breakfast from the leftover QA pizza boxes at ~6:30am

to make it paintball related - many of us would find time to get out and play as a way of dumping stress. That was when I started leaving all my gear at work
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I agree with Don.
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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