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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
I'm just putting mine in the garbage
aww... whys that? worst comes to worst its a multi plateform blue ray player. lol

Originally Posted by kerrymcclure888 View Post
gonna respond in a moment

Trades id consider:
Mag parts (rebuilds mainly but will look at other stuff)
DRV cylinders
T8 mags, mag extensions, Tiberius .0 barrels, spare parts etc
TPX 7rd mags, spare parts
DW 10-12 (not the null, one that takes freaks. I dont need inserts tho)
Apex 2 w/ or without a barrel it fits on in AC threads
Knee/shin pads
Valken Zulu pants/jersey in multicam size large
Valken Zulu jersey in woodland size large
Woodland headband with mesh top
Nerf pocket vortex footballs

Wii-motes(with wii motion plus but will look at regular controllers)
PS3 Controller
A GPS for my car (I get lost very easily)

Ruger 10/22 magazines, specifically BX-25 mags and BX-25x2 magazines
A mini Red dot or another red dot for my Zk-22(show me what you got)

maybe more
idk, offer up?

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