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Originally Posted by vijil View Post
From the perspective of a designer, it's not objectively ugly. There is nothing technically wrong with the aesthetic lines etc. - if anything it's much better than a regular macro and far better than most. From a technical aesthetic design perspective the Axe is an example of horrible, the Luxe is probably the best marker to date, and the ego11 is roughly on par with the LV1. Of course that doesn't account for taste.

The issue isn't that it's "ugly" as if that were an objective fact, the issue is that it's different, and people aren't used to different. Especially MCB people . Give it a month or two and people will come around, that's how it normally works with new looking designs. All the vitriol is just knee jerk.

If there are any genuine design faux pas it's that the new front grip makes it visually heavy around the reg - thing is this problem goes away almost completely once a hopper and tank are put on and is a non-issue in action photos.

Interestingly the folks at techpb are generally positive about it unlike here and pbn.

PS this is what it looks like with a macroline:

And here's what it looks like with a clean stormtrooper anno:
The air through frame looks uncomfortable and awkward, the macro setup doesn't. That's what did it for me. I can deal with ugly. Ungainly... not so much.
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