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Originally Posted by Slim View Post
I don't get it.
Picture this in your mind if you will...........

A well known "mover and shaker" in the industry, telling me at the 1991 World Cup

"You need to change your team name, it doesn't display the "image" of the sport we want to promote."

"Yeah, but you do realize that I really don't give a 5hit what YOU think about my team name."


"Yes, but if you don't change it, I won't allow you to play in MY, or ANYBODY ELSE'S tournament. Your entrance fee won't be accepted".


"Oh yeah? F--- YOU! I'll bash your face in you a55hole".

Then my teammates dragged me out of there, held me down, forced me to drink beer and smoke while they tried to smooth things over with this, this self-important, self-titled "mover and shaker" of the industry, who was using "strong-arm" tactics to direct where the game was going, who would be playing, how'd they'd dress, what their GUN would be called, what COLOR it would need to be, and where and how the game would be played. If you agreed, you were IN, if you did not, YOU WERE OUT!

The name was changed to the afforementioned unmentionable.
I played with the team for one more year. At the start of 1992 we were ranked #1 in 5-7 man nationally by the NPPL and #7 in 15 man. The year after I left, we were ranked #14 overall.
(I was carrying all those guys-bunch of squids)

Despite the fact that I helped design the "Express" patch, I NEVER wore it in any competition.
Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd, smiling...
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