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So.. You CAN still buy brand new Sovereigns

I was in a hard place, and I really wanted a new Autococker. The last one I bought was a Chinese after run of the dye ultralight series... and while the Dye guns were trash, the Chinese ones are worse.

As of yesterday, I'm the proud owner of a Blue Sterling Sovereign. Yes, it's blue. My stuff is always blue.

I ordered it directly from the people here: Welcome to sterling Pump Guns And paid full price. With shipping, it cost me a few cents more than $300
Shipping was quick, three days to my door.

See, seriously, made in england.

The pretty side.

The working side.

So here are the important bits:
Sliding trigger.
Wire nubbin detent.
WGP inline reg clone.
The ram is part of the bolt.

I did a unboxing, and kinda sorta review of it." width="644" height="390">" />">

I haven't shot it yet, that will need to wait for the weekend. I have half a case of paint, and a chronograph, so we can really see what the gun does.

I should air it up tonight... Excuse me, I"M going to go air it up.

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