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I work tooo much....

February is over....

Worked 142.75 hrs for my day job
Worked 48.50 hrs for SSC (shop time, online time isnt tracked)
I took 2 days off from the shop

sooo that averages to 10.625/hrs a day.... not counting my lunch breaks
no wonder i feel like i live at the shop haha

I was VERY busy

Freaked 20 barrels (have 8 that need to be done)
Sold the last of my trifluted hammers (need to order more)
Sold all of my polished bolts, except for 1 (need to order more)

Finished a ton of stuff....

Matching Halfblocks for a pair of local guys (3 freaks and 2 halfblocks)
Did a restoration on a PGP (i'd say 90% done, just need to order internals and do fine tuning)
Made body spikes and installed them on 2 guns
3rd Halfblock
Ion/Freak/AC Barrel Adapter
Run #2 of J12 Reg Testers
Fusion F7 Build
Double Barrel Ion is working great

March is looking just as busy
2 PA Builds
3 Production runs of nelson valves (hammer7x2 trracer)
Special Barrel Tip for a friend
lots of freak boring
double barrel ion v2 (rf/lf in a stock)
possibly a pump angel

and thats just whats sitting next to my desk.... haha

Its March 1st, so its a new month, doin 8 hours for the day job, then probably 6ish for SSC tonight
Im trying to convince myself to come in tomorrow, i think it will depend on if i can find enough material to get some valves made....

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