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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
K2 was the company who got CCM to stop making mechs right? I would hope Kee wouldn't follow K2's lead if CCM decided to make autocockers again. I don't see what's stopping CCM besides Kee, but that's a big 'besides'.
I would think nothing in the cocker design is patented since Bud Orr basically duplicated what Palmer had already done? Kee might own the name "autococker" but thats about it. I think what stopped everyone is when they all went electro and smart parts sent out their cease and desist along with eclipse telling wgp to pound sand and release the ego due to their battle.

And the cocker pretty much is open source, you could piece one together 100% of non worr games parts, its mostly oem pneumatic industry parts. Its why it was so cloned in the height of popularity and why bud orr made it in the first place.
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