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My experiences with various companies as small retail shop for 13 years:

Blast: G6R with manufacturing defect in manifold. Replace and shipped back no charge.

Spyder: Never have received warranty repair parts after being told over multiple years that they would be made available. All parts bought and paid for.

DYE: No question asked. Parts have been provided upon request.

KEE: No questions asked. Parts provided upon request.

Tippmann: No questions asked. Parts provided upon request.

Dangerous Powers: Also the $25 regulator story. These were for unsold guns brand new still in box. Sold one gun that would crono at 285fps and after 200 rounds velocity was up to 370's. They still wanted the $25 per reg.

GOG / Smart Parts: Warranty parts never provided. When defective parts sent back, parts were not repaired correctly. Have to pay shipping fees for defective warranty items to and from GOG on all items. Most times, parts have not been repaired correctly or replaced with non-defective part. Some parts I have paid shipping fees 5 times back and forth.

Ninja: No questions asked. Parts provided upon request.

Some people have better luck with companies than others. These are just my trials and tribulations.


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