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One of those ex-rental Smart Parts Vibes

This is one of those group buy Vibes that Titus(?) facilitated a few years back. It's actually the best parts from two Vibes.

Orings were recently replaced to fix a tiny barrel leak and gun chronoed to 275 fps. The board is semi-automatic only and has two dwell settings. Tape on the barrel tip fits an Apex1 tip. The gun shoots fine, it has a very nice, short, snappy trigger. The macroline fitting on the regulator may leak a tiny bit at first, but the leak goes away with a wiggle. This seems to depend on the macroline piece being used. I can include a simple ASA, but I do not have any macroline fittings around for it.

Extra parts will include a second board with a short, a solenoid for parts, a power button, and a regulator for parts. Also another 9-volt battery connector because I had to solder a new one onto the leads in the gun, and my soldering iron is a POS. The solder has held for a year though.

Start at $80 shipped by Priority Mail with tracking.
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