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Originally Posted by nerobro View Post
Just so we're clear. BPS is making a new edition of twister bodies. And woouulf is unrelated to BPS. Right?

BPS, are you going to pursue woouulf? (obviously it's your right...)
We are not going to pursue anyone... No Twisters have been produced and/or sold outside of BPS control.

We understand that people have demanded the return of the Twister for nearly a decade and Woouulf was simply leading the charge in an effort to resurrect the gun in cooperation with Lapco/Serge as we have been in talks for over a year as to what direction we (boston paintball) wanted to go with the platform.

I think we can chalk this up to miscommunication and odd timing.

We are full steam ahead now and I think we have come up with an amazing concept for the direction of the next generation of twister... something that hardcore old-school pure-ists will love , will be competitive in the existing marker "ecosphere" and will ensure that all previous twisters will hold the same value as they will be easily distinguished from the next-gen model .

...very exciting stuff is coming.
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