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T - shirt pre-order ends tommorow - order now!

37 of you said you would buy design #2 or #3 in the voting thread. Please put your money where you mouth was by the end of tomorrow.

The price for either of these T-shirts is 25 dollars plus 5.95 dollars shipping (for one T-Shirt) 11.90 (for Two) 12.35 (for Three) 16.85 (for four or five) T- shipping CONUS. These will be shipped Priority in a padded envelope or box.

25 dollars American plus 11 dollars American for each shirt shipped. These will be shipped First Class USPS.

(I make a promise that if I can find a cheaper way to ship these - I will refund the difference - these are the quotes I am reading from USPS.)

There was much talk about the designs - and I solicited information about both designs. Slight changes were made based upon this input. Here are the designs as they will be printed:

Design #1:

Design #2:

Both shirts will be printed on 100% cotton preshrunk cotton shirts made by Gildan. I live within a block of the place that is printing and will personally make sure the quality is up to snuff.

I will leave this up for a few weeks and once I have a final count - I will get the printing done.

Here is how to Preorder:

1) Send a total for the shirt (shirts) including shipping to the paypal address jmoulenbelt (at) hotmail (dot) com

2) Be sure to include in the message box:

-What design
-How Many
-What size(s)
-What your screen name is on MCB

3) Double check to make sure your address is correct before you paypal me to make sure I don't ship to the wrong address.

4) Post here with your order and I will update this page when I have verified your payment.

T-Shirts should ship the end of the first week in March if all goes well.



Design #1 - Paid:

Jkoselka - XL
FMPlayer - XL
10 of various sizes for local paintball shop

Design #2 - Paid

Large PropperJ - L
10 of various sizes for local paintball shop.

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.
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