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I doubt these things will come finely timed-and-tuned. They probably won't come with a polished hammer or super light springs, but doing stuff like that makes owning and autococker fun in my opinion. The parts that comes on these guns will be quality stuff if the Resurrection is anything like Kees previous stuff. And its not like I should have to say it again in this thread, but Kee will replace any part for free on their markers if there is a quality/functionality issue with the part for life.

And $550 for this gun and a quality barrel kit with 7+ inch backs and small bores is cheap. If this would have not been mass produced by Kee and made in the US by a smaller company it would cost $1000+ with that nice of a barrel kit. It's a good deal when you look at the ergonomic technology that comes with it too. It will probably take a little timing and tuning but these things will make amazing guns once a few of us get our hands on them.
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