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24" one piece Havoc barrels

Please post any question in the orignal thread Limit the posts in here to how many you would like to order.

Ok best machine quote I got was $20 each if I pay cash for the machining and it all needs to be done in one run. 24" seems to be the length everyone is asking for so that's what I am going with. So starting today I need an exact count of barrels. On Tuesday the 19th I will tally up the total number of barrels order and any more stock I need. It should take less than a week to receive the material. I'll rough cut the lengths at work and deliver them to the machine shop by the 26th. Two weeks is my time frame for the machine shop. So these will be done in early April.

Pricing: will be $44 each If paying money order or cash and $45.62 if paying through paypal. I will except payment starting on the day the material is dropped off at the machine shop to make sure i have enough cash to pay for the machining at the end.

UPDATE 3/6/13
If you want both ends threaded it will be an additional 15$ charge. So barrels tapped at both ends will be $59 cash or $61.07 through paypal

Shipping will be calculated at the end when the barrels are ready to ship.

If it helps anybody i can hand deliver barrels no charge at SPE in April.

Crimson Death- 1 single tap - Have paypal info
Stanchy- 1 double tap - Have paypal info
Orpackrat- 2 double tap - Have paypal info
xxerexx- 1 double tap - - Have paypal info need zip
swamp Thing - 1 double tap - Have paypal info
Ironexpress- 2 double tap - Have paypal info
scphantom9195- 1 single tap, 1 double tap - Money order
timefreak17- 1 double tap- Have paypal info
UPDATE 3/15/13 Barrels are ready

Barrels are done. Pics will be up later. If your paying through PayPal message me your PayPal address and Zip code, I will send you an invoice.

UPDATE 11/28/13 ONE double threaded barrel left

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