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how involving is cleaning it? is it just dusting off the insides or does it require some kind of expertise? i can't imagine hershel not having enough time sitting around to do it if it is the former.

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I agree with this 100%. Especially since in the last episode Rick said he gave the shop owners their "license" when they brought guns into their businesses. That's not required at all in Georgia. IN FACT, in this state, you don't have to have a Georgia Weapons License to keep a gun in your car or business. They're considered an extension of your residence.
wow. i know shows usually don't research that much about their technicalities, but that's a really big **** up. i was about to say it's excusable since the rick's actor is british, then i remembered the actors don't write the lines.

these silly things is what turned me off the movie "wanted." you can't bend bullet trajectories by flinging your gun. that's simple grade school physics.
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