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Axe reg on Ion frame.Work in progress

Originally saw a SP1 with this setup done by deaallen on PBN,wanted to try with an Ion for boxmag and mech pistol projects,I had a spare stock beater frame so I gave it a try.I used a dremmel,drill press files,etc so pardon the roughness.The stock aluminium is very soft,hope i didnt remove too much and it crumbles to pieces in my hand
I bought the Axe reg new and it came with the shown TM7 bracket.I had to make the reg removable for access to the oring and setscrew in case I ever need to replace them,the oring seals against the bracket by another threaded bushing under the air fitting shown,the small hole on the side are for setscrews to hold the bushing down,the top portion of the bracket is threaded with 1/8 NPT.Ill use the threaded bushings shown to hold it in place in the frame.I also removed the stock reg mount& enlarged the inside of the gripframe to fit the airline,RF chip(boxmag) and eventually a Virtue OLED board,Ill have to cast some custon grips to fit the OLED,sidways mounted batterey and cover the enlarged area.I also thinned the trigger out ,it cleared the airline but it was a tight fit.
Airred up with minor leaks,ill address them when I recieve my OLED,mounting seems secure,Id really like to try this with a better quality frame and have it machined by a professional,its still work in progress,figured I could sacrifice a stock frame 1st as there a ton cheap around
Shown mounted on my newest boxmag with a Deadlywind body,I went a little over the top with the vinyl carbon fiber sticker,its kinda in your face but Im liking it so far,did the frame also to hide all my idiot marks
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