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Originally Posted by gunman_2000 View Post
as people we have a real hard time helping others for some strange reason. This sadly isn't what I would call unusual, for something like this. To see so many people running away or just watching. I forget what my psych teacher called it, but you basically have to really interact with someone to actually get them to help. Otherwise everyone thinks "oh, someone else will help that person getting strangled in the elevator".

But holy hell this could have gone real bad for the experimenters. I noticed at least one or two guys jumping on them. Things could get real violent. What if a cop walked in?

Interesting though.

Bystander effect

There was a guy a year or two back that got stabbled trying to help out a lady that was getting mugged. He basically laid on the sidewalk and bled to death in the middle of the day with people walking by, nobody ever called 911.

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