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jerseys, pants, packs, starter set ups, tons of gear for sale

Well, I got a ton of gear recently, so now most of it is for sale. I'm open to any and all offers, trades included. Shipping is not included with the prices. I have a second 48/3k tank for sale, and 2 more that are just out of hydro if anyone is interested. I also have some entry level set ups, some orange tiger stripe i4's with HD and mirror thermal lenses, and some all black grills with the stock lense, older style black/grey events with regular mirroe and clear lense, and thermal smoke lense, and proto axis pros with white and pink color kits and a black lense trim peice, with a thermal and regular clear lenses all not listed. Without further adue, here's the list with a link to the photo album with pics

blue Dye C5 jersey-L-great condition- $25
blue Proto jersey-L- great condition- looks like a last name and number were printed on (Guerin #22)- $20
Smart Parts Kingsey Falls Kamikaze MXL jersey #1-XXL- great condition- $30
Dye Kingsey Falls Kamikaze jersey (it’s a Dye jersey with other graphics printed on afterwards)-XXXL-excellent condition- $30
Smart Parts Kingsey Falls Kamikaze MXL jersey #01, 05 and 07- all XXL- #01 looks mint, the other 2 are excellent- $60 for #01, $55 for the other 2, $150 for all 3
Smart Parts NAX championship ref jersey 2008 #5- XXL- excellent condition- $40
Smart Parts CXBL ref jersey- XXL- excellent condition- $40
Smart Parts NAX championship ref jersey 2008 #5 (different then the first one)- XXL- mint condition- $45
black/grey Dye slider shorts-L- great condition- $35
1 (right) Dye C9 knee pad-L- open to offers
1 (left) Dye glove- L/XL- open to offers
black/camo XSV pants-M- excellent condition- $80 (don’t know if I really want to sell these)
red Dye pants-L- excellent condition- $55
blue proto pants-XL (slightly smaller then the other M’s though)- fair condition- $20 ($35 with matching dye C5 jersey)
blue Draxxus pants-XL(similar to the other M’s)- usable- $15 ($25 with the blue proto jersey)
NXE 4 pod pack- good condition- $20
NXE 4+3+2- good condition (one of the elastic loops is broken, so it can only really hold 8 pods)- $20
NXE 3+2+2- great condition- $25
NXE 3+2+2- NIP- $30
Pure Energy 48ci/3000psi hpa tank- hydro good until 09/2015- $40

Pb Gear For Sale Photos by rcjunky1 | Photobucket

PM me with any questions, requests or offers
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