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ECAP + Hollywood cast off + machine shop = Profit? IT LIVES! (5-3-14 update)

It is time to go public.... This is the start of one of my most epic projects to date. What is it? A remotely piloted paintball tank. That's right a drone. Previously thought about in the deepest part of ECAP's black department, it is now out in the light.... I give you the start of Project Phaedra AKA "Harold". Expect full coverage on my Youtube channel to come.

Nothing really to see yet construction wise but I bought something as a base.... I was going to make my own frame and motor system but the motors I wanted alone was going to cost me $400 a pair, and well.... buying them with a complete Rascal with a box frame that was beefed up for its roll in a movie for $400 seemed so much smarter... Wait what? Movie star?? KInda..... B movie.

Starting at 1:30.... the non-modded cart is the A cart I own the B cart, the one with the brush guard and wheelie wheels used in the racing scene. Used in a movie.... and now used to shoot people FTW!

Harold - Official Movie Trailer - YouTube

Making this thing steer is going to kill me...... But right now the intentions is two control systems with two separate battery systems and camera systems. There will be a "pilot" and a "gunner"

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