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well, i got a Techt L6 bolt in the mail today and did some testing. Bolts greased with Planet Eclipse grease.

Paint: Empire Premium Gold
Barrel: 14" Freak with All American front (brass .680 insert)

Stock bolt at 205psi
274, 276, 272, 274, 266, 268, 284, 280, 271, 272

Techt L6 bolt at 205psi
(1st group) 252, 259, 261, 258, 256, 245, 266, 249, 250, 278
(2nd group) 247, 249, 253, 238, 253, 250, 246, 251, 255, 245

-the oring inside the bolt stop barely seems to rub the bolt.
-air leaks down barrel as you hold trigger down (bolt is forward).
-orings in tail are right next to each other and not spaced out like the stock bolt. i am guessing this is what is causing air to leak down the barrel. since it sounds like this bolt will not work in the eNMEy, it will be going up for sale shortly to fund another bolt purchase.
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